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TreePlan Trial
TreePlan 1.86 for Decision Trees

0.9 MB

SensIt Trial
SensIt 1.51 for Sensitivity Analysis

0.8 MB

SimVoi Trial
SimVoi 3.03 for Monte Carlo Simulation

1.1 MB

TreePlan ToolKit Trial
TreePlan 1.86, SensIt 1.51, and SimVoi 3.03

2.3 MB
Each ZIP file contains:   How To Install Add-in PDF file
user guide PDF file(s)
example workbook XLSX file(s)
Trial add-in XLAM file(s)

After download, right-click (Windows) or double-click (Macintosh) the ZIP file to extract the compressed files.

Installation of the add-in XLAM file in Excel is simple but is not automated.

Be sure to refer to the How To Install Add-in PDF file for detailed installation instructions.

To view or print a user guide PDF file, click Adobe Web Site to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To view an example workbook XLSX file, launch Excel, and open the XLSX file.

Instead of installing a Trial add-in XLAM file, you can launch Excel, and  use Excel's File Open command to open the XLAM file.

Each Trial add-in is fully-functional with watermarked dialog boxes and printouts.

TreePlan Software grants a license to prospective purchasers to use the Trial version of an add-in for a 30-day evaluation period. Please share copies of the Trial version freely with prospective purchasers. You are granted permission to make as many copies of the Trial version as you wish.

If you want to continue using the software after 30 days, you must purchase a Pro or Student license. For information about purchasing our add-ins online, by phone, or by mail, click Buy Now.

Instructors who require their students to use the software must obtain a Student license, either by having students use a textbook that has a license or by purchasing a license from TreePlan Software. For information, click Student.

To provide feedback or for additional information about TreePlan, SensIt, and SimVoi, please send e-mail to Mike Middleton.

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