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TreePlan for Decision Trees     SensIt for Sensitivity Analysis     RiskSim for Monte Carlo Simulation

Buy TreePlan, SensIt, RiskSim, or ToolKits

Buy TreePlan ToolKit SensIt for sensitivity analysis,
RiskSim for Monte Carlo simulation, and
TreePlan for decision trees.
Single license
only $159.
Buy Probability ToolKit RiskSim for Monte Carlo simulation
and TreePlan for decision trees.
Single license
only $109.
Buy Classic ToolKit SensIt for sensitivity analysis
and TreePlan for decision trees.
Single license
only $109.
Buy WhatIf ToolKit
SensIt for sensitivity analysis and
RiskSim for Monte Carlo simulation.
Single license
only $109.
Buy TreePlan
TreePlan for decision trees.
Single license
only $59.
Buy SensIt
SensIt for sensitivity analysis.
Single license
only $59.
Buy RiskSim
RiskSim for Monte Carlo simulation.
Single license
only $59.



Click the appropriate product button to go to SWREG (Digital River), our secure order-processing service.



At the top of the secure SWREG page, specify currency and quantity.  If you change the quantity, click the Update Cart button. Volume pricing is shown in a table on each product purchase page of this web site, and the same prices appear on the secure SWREG web page.


Your Address

On the secure SWREG page, you specify your name, billing and shipping addresses, and email address. Be sure to specify an email address that can receive the confirmation email message and software link from SWREG.


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Immediate Download

After you purchase, SWREG will send a confirmation email message to the email address you specified. If you do not see the email message, check your spam and junk folders. The  email message contains the URL where you can immediately download the software (as a compressed ZIP file). The download link will expire after 7 days from the time of purchase, so be sure to download the software immediately.


Extract from ZIP

After you download the compressed ZIP file from the SWREG web site, right-click (Windows) or double-click (Macintosh) the ZIP file to extract the XLA add-in(s) and other files.


Install XLA add-in

Delete old versions or any Trial/Tryout version of the XLA files from your computer. Installation is simple but is not automated. Refer to the extracted How-To-Install-Add-In PDF file for detailed installation instructions.


User Guide

For software details and tutorial, refer to the User Guide PDF file(s) extracted from the ZIP file.



Current versions of the TreePlan, SensIt, and RiskSim add-ins are appropriate for all language versions of Excel that we and our customers have tested. If you want to verify compatibility before you purchase, please download the Trial version and test the Trial add-in on your computer. If the Trial version works, the purchased version will also work.


Volume Purchase

For a volume purchase, after you purchase and download the file, you may duplicate and distribute the downloaded file to other licensed users. As the primary purchaser, you receive online support and possible discounts on future products or upgrades.



If you have any questions about the status of your purchase, the download process, the extraction process, refunds, or other problems, please check the appropriate FAQ page in the support section of this web site or send e-mail to

          Price for each Standard license      
      Single Product   Two-Product ToolKit   TreePlan ToolKit  
  Total number of
Standard licenses
or SensIt
or RiskSim
  Classic (TreePlan and SensIt)
or Probability (TreePlan and RiskSim)
or WhatIf (SensIt and RiskSim)
and SensIt
and RiskSim
  Single   $59   $109   $159  
  2 to 9     50       93     136  
  10 to 19     38       71     104  
  20 to 49     30       55       80  
  50 to 99     24       44       64  
  100 or more     21       38       55  

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